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Former REL Office, Bracknell


Greenfield Demolition was employed as a principal contractor by Hodson Developments to demolish a standalone office building. Our scope was to erect hoarding gates for delivery and pedestrian gates, remove asbestos, strip out, demolish, remove slab and foundations, grub up car park area and remove all arisings from site.


The main challenge on this project was the program being 5 weeks. The building being a two storey 3000m² and the car park area to the rear of the office building another 1000m².

The second challenge was the asbestos to the warehouse roof.


To overcome these challenges, we allocated 90% of our site staff to this project.

The asbestos roof had to be brought down with the machine. We had exclusions zones and drop zones in place and prior to the removal with had suppressed the sheets with water. We carefully lowered the sheets to ground level straight into a roll on/off bin which was then taken into a licenced waste facility.