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Meadowbanks, Dorking


Greenfield Demolition was employed by Mole Valley District Council to undertake the demolition works as Principal Contractor to demolish football stands, clubhouse buildings, along with ancillary buildings and shelter/ dug outs. All the slab, pathways and foundations were grubbed up and all arisings carted away.


The main challenge on this project was we had to ensure minimal damage was caused to the current football pitch, doing so mid-winter where the ground was very wet.

When grubbing up the pathways around the pitch we uncovered broken asbestos.

Further to this, it was a contentious project with mixed support from the public. Meadowbanks had been a football club since the late 19th Century. We also had to be wary of noise created due to the surrounding offices.


To prevent damage when removing the dug outs, we laid track pads to move machinery across the pitch.

When the asbestos was discovered we first had our team to test the type of asbestos that was present. The results came back as cement bonded which with the correct PPE and suits was placed into asbestos bags and taken to a licenced waste facility.